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What are the things to do and see on a tour aboard Sky and Sand?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We tried to summarize this question in a video of less than 30 seconds and we hope we succeeded, but if that wasn't this short article to get all the details!



The starting point is the beautiful and sheltered Playa Garza, just 15 minutes from Nosara, the starting point of every boat tour of this area.

A member of the sky and Sand staff will be waiting for you directly in front of the beach, where you can leave your cars, quads, or golf carts.

The Bala taxi boat will be waiting for you a few meters away and will take you aboard Sky and Sand.


A very short but very useful briefing given by Simone and Pietro will introduce you to the staff and give you all the information about the trip and how to fully enjoy your experience.

Once the catamaran begins to gently plow the coastal waters, you can begin to relax, perhaps sipping a skillfully prepared cocktail at our onboard bar and enjoying our lounge area located on the sundeck.

You can choose your drinks from our constantly updated cocktail list, just like in a real bar! …and remember that everything is included!

We are sure it won't be long before we spot the first marine animals! Usually, if the sea conditions are good, we are accompanied in navigation by dolphins, turtles, manta rays and, in the migration months, also by the beautiful humpback whales.

Heat? No problem!

Sky and Sand will include stops in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific for a dip and a refreshing swim, using our water toys.

…And what's better after a nice swim than a snack?

While you are relaxing in the water, the Sky and Sand staff will prepare the buffet, which includes a series of delicacies rigorously prepared daily, using only fresh, quality ingredients.

In fact, every day our cook Elisa prepares our menu directly from her house on the beach!

Everything is designed to satisfy you, you can choose between two different menu options when booking and customize the food to your liking according to your tastes and dietary needs.


Time to visit pink sand island!

This completely pink strip of sand emerges from the sea during low tide and its lagoon will be the perfect theater for a snorkeling session. You can also decide to explore the island and if the low tide coincides with sunset, enjoy the sunset directly from the island.

In any case, when we talk about sunsets, remember that Costa Rica, and in particular the Nosara area, can boast of having some of the most beautiful in the world.

Observing one of these sunsets on board Sky and Sand is one of the experiences you absolutely must try.

When the sun has disappeared on the horizon it will be time to return to Playa Garza, observing the sky that turns pink and orange.

playa rosada nosara

If you have read this far, we hope we have ignited in you the desire to come and try this experience with us and we are sure you will not be disappointed. Let's try one of our amazing boat tour!

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