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Costa Rica Independence Day

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Parades and merriment invade the country during independence day

Every year on September 15th, the streets of Costa Rica are filled with bright colors, festive music and beaming smiles to celebrate Independence Day. This annual event is more than just a celebration – it is a glow of history and mirth that unites the Costa Rican people in celebration of their freedom.

Independence Day is a national celebration that takes place across the country. Towns and villages adorn themselves with blue, white and red flags, the national colours. Parades are an essential part of the celebration, with students, musicians and dancers setting the pace on the streets with joy and pride. During the parade, you can come across historical representations that recall the key moments of the struggle for independence.

Costa Rica indipendence pride

One of the most memorable aspects of the holiday is the lighting of the "Liberty Lantern". In each community, citizens create artistic lanterns which are lit and carried in processions. These lanterns symbolize the light of freedom that Costa Ricans have earned through their determination and sacrifice.

Independence Day in Costa Rica is much more than an annual celebration. It is a time when generations connect with history, honor their ancestors and renew their commitment to the values of freedom and sovereignty. This colorful and cheerful event is a reminder of the strength of a people and the beauty of a nation that was formed through determination and the desire to be masters of its own destiny.


The independence of Costa Rica

Costa Rica's independence was declared on September 15, 1821, when the nation was part of the Captaincy General of Guatemala, within the Spanish Empire.

The news of Mexico's independence inspired Costa Rican leaders to seek their own freedom. However, the news took nearly a month to reach the territory due to the communication challenges of the time.

Costa Rica indipendence day 2023

A fascinating anecdote is that of the messenger Juan Rafael Mora Porras, who rode with great courage and determination to bring the news of independence from Guatemala City to San José. His journey faced storms, bad roads and unimaginable difficulties. Despite the adversities, Mora Porras managed to bring the long-awaited message, thus contributing to the beginning of a new era for Costa Rica.

Want to find out more about Costa Rica? Its history and nature await you, as well as the happiness of its inhabitants!

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