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playa ostional

Playa Ostional

Playa Ostional is one of the most amazing beaches in Costa Rica and the entire planet! It is known to nest in several species of turtles, the most common of which is the Olive Ridley turtle.
Ostional Wildlife Refuge was created to protect the Olive Ridley sea turtle and during the rainy season, you can see thousands of turtles landing to lay their eggs. We can assure you that it is an absolutely exciting experience: witnessing the spawning (arribada) or hatching (Nacimiento) is a must in life and will remain an indelible memory!


To allow you to better enjoy this unforgettable experience we have provided, like Sky and Sand, the possibility and the opportunity to set sail off the beach and see the turtles swimming free and mating!
The boat tour will allow you to try an unforgettable experience accompanied by our crew. Are you ready to go?

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