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San Juanillo is almost like a living painting, with its white sand, turquoise waters, gentle waves, and a sunset worth watching until the last minute.
It is fantastic, and it is even possible for gourmands to find a sale of grenades to calm the heat.

One of its most popular attractions is the sandy path and the rock formations that divide it into two beaches, one with a lot of sand and the other stony. Don't be left with the desire to climb to the highest point of this rocky island to look at the whole beach from there, go up and be amazed.

Behind the rocks, there are some ideal places to relax alone, with friends, or as a couple.
In the afternoon you will see the yellowest sky and the sun transformed into a large orange. We stayed among the rocks until we observed the last light.

When the sun has hidden, there are still a few minutes of light left, just to take another bath or simply to walk barefoot on the warm sand.


Playa San Juanillo is famous for the shape of its beach, which creates a tongue in the middle of the crystal clear sea and is bathed by both north and south, forming a small peninsula from which you can enjoy a beautiful panorama.

With sky and sand we will take advantage of its white sand and its natural pools to snorkel and see a large amount of tropical fish in a pristine habitat.

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